Junior Water Polo at SDWP

Friday’s 19:00-20:00

Moorways Swiming Pool Derby

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Splash into Fun At SDWP with Our Junior Water Polo Sessions!

  • Our sessions are perfect for kids aged 8-14, no matter their skill level. Whether your child is just starting out or has been playing for a while, there’s a place for them on the team.
  • Water polo is a non-contact sport, so it’s a great option for kids who want to be active but may be hesitant about getting hit or bumped.
  • It’s a great way to improve your child’s swimming skills.
Bouncer, the cheerful water polo ball mascot with goggles, representing SDWP
  • It’s a splashtacular workout! Not only will your kids get a great cardio workout, but they’ll also be building strength and endurance.
  • It’s a team sport that will help your child develop important social skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership.
  • It will help kids to develop a sense of discipline, responsibility and accountability.