Report A Concern

Safeguarding Contacts and Information

If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of a child or the behavior of an adult towards a child, immediate action is critical. Here are the key contacts and steps to follow:

  • Club Welfare Officer – Alex: Your first contact for any welfare concerns within our club. Please reach out to Alex Mcneice at [email protected] for a prompt and confidential response.
  • Alternate Contacts: If Alex is not available or you prefer to speak with someone else, there are additional contacts available:
    • Swim England National Child Safeguarding Team: This team includes roles such as the County/Regional and National Safeguarding Officers, National Child Safeguarding Manager, and Independent Child Protection Officer. All these roles and their respective contact information can be found at the Swim England Safeguarding Contacts page. Please visit Swim England Safeguarding Contacts for specific contact details and more information.
  • Swimline: Contact the Swim England/NSPCC Child Protection Helpline at 0808 100 4001 for advice and support regarding safeguarding issues.
  • In Case of Emergency: If you believe a child is in immediate danger or has been harmed, and you cannot reach your welfare officer or the Swim England safeguarding team, contact an appropriate emergency service immediately, such as:
    • The Police
    • Children’s Services
    • Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)
    • Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)
    • NSPCC Child Protection Helpline

Please document the name and contact details of the person you speak to, along with the incident or referral reference number for your records.

After addressing the immediate concern, report the incident to the club welfare officer and the Swim England safeguarding team.

How can I raise a non-child safeguarding concern?

Please contact the club chair or secretary if you have a concern such as:

  • Club constitution disputes
  • Cub governance disputes and voting rights
  • Breaches of the Code of Ethics and Codes of Conduct
  • Breakdowns in communication and disputes between members at the club
  • Disciplinary matters

All Swim England affiliated clubs must follow the Swim England Judicial Regulations for internal club disputes, so we will advise you of the steps that must be followed to resolve your complaint or concern.

If you are not happy with the actions being taken to resolve your complaint, you can seek advice from Swim England by following the advice on the Swim England website: How To Resolve Issues or Disputes