What is Wavepower?

Wavepower is a mandatory Swim England child welfare policy that aims to safeguard all children in line with current legislation, regulations and guidance and is for use within any Swim England affiliated organisation where children are present.

Here at SDWP we fully embrace this policy and passionately believe that the responsibility for child safeguarding in our sport belongs with all those involved in our sports and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at the local, county, or national level.

What should parents/guardians expect?

As a parent or guardian of a SDWP club member you can be assured that:

  • your child is safeguarded during their time with us.
  • all people with responsibility for your child will:
    • be suitable, qualified and trained.
    • have been safely recruited by SDWP and that recruitment procedure includes a DBS check
  • any concerns about your child’s welfare will be listened to and responded to.

You also have a right to access the Swim England Wavepower child safeguarding policy manual and to contact our club welfare officer and / or the Swim England safeguarding team should you need to.