Qualification/ Funding

Funding Information for Water Polo Coaching Qualifications

If you’re thinking about pursuing a qualification, here’s a list of available funding from DASA for Swim England and IoS courses:


DERBYSHIRE ASA provides funding support for Swim England and IoS courses. Here’s a breakdown of available funding and the requirements for applications:

CategoryFunding Details
Safeguarding50% of the workshop cost
OfficialsFull coverage of training and licensing
Teaching/CoachingTeaching Assistant (L1) – £50
Swimming Teacher (L2) – £100
Coaching Assistant (L1) – £100
Swimming Coach (L2) – £200
Level 3 Coaching – £300
CPD Seminars50% funding for qualified teachers/coaches
  • SwimMark Accreditation: The submitting club must be SwimMark accredited.
  • Appropriate Role: The member must be listed on the club personnel report/coach & teacher register in the appropriate role.
  • Valid Checks: The member must have a valid DBS check and safeguarding (if applicable) displayed on the personnel report.
  • New Applicants Only: The member must not have previously received County funding for the same qualification.
  • Each submission is reviewed once. If initially unsuccessful, applications can be resubmitted after correcting issues.
  • Ensure all criteria are met before submission. Bursaries will be paid directly to the club.